PPET Monthly Meet & Greet

Manifesting Your Will with Chaos Magick.

Chaos Magick is sometimes overlooked by today’s modern day occultists, due to its simplicity and nontraditional approach. In a nutshell, an emphasis on simplification + flexible beliefs + emotional fransmutation results, which is Chaos Magick. Learn how Chaos Magick is used to reorder your reality and begin to live the life that you want. If you’ve been looking to get involved with magick, or, you’re just looking to add something new to your already existing practices then this is a fast and reasonably easy way. Chaos Magick doesn’t rely on anointing candles, burning incense, collecting chalices, wands or a host of other paraphernalia. Most rituals only require a Sigil, your desire and a small amount of time.

Do you have imagination? Are you good at pretending? Can you be playful? Can you access your feelings? Do you have willpower and a desire to recreate your reality? Then you can perform Chaos Magick.

Bonus: attendees will receive materials to make a Magickal Cashbook, along with instructions on it’s use. This booklet combines elements of Chaos Magick, and can be used effectively by anyone. Truly a great tool to have, especially those that practice Financial magick.