Honoring Community Elders


Starting in 2014 it was decided to honor a community elder each year during Pagan Pride Day.  Grey Cat was the individual recognized and honored in 2014. Information about each recipient is/will be featured on our Community Builders page.

Our community has a number of deserving people who have worked over the years to help others and to make the community stronger.  No one can make a person an Elder; they do that themselves by their works, their kindness, helping others, and their dedication.  This is an opportunity to publicly thank one Elder each year for all they’ve done for the rest of us.

Please take a moment and think who you would like to see honored and nominate them to be publicly thanked for all their work when we gather for Pagan Pride Day this year.  The requirements for them to be considered are as follows:

  1. They must have been active in the community for at least five years.  These do not have to be consecutive years.
  2. They can be living or already passed to the Summerlands.
  3. Members of the current PPET Board are not eligible for consideration.

When you decide who you’d like to see honored please nominate them.  When you do please submit more than just a name.  Do not assume everyone knows all that you know.  Tell why this person should be this year’s honoree, list their contributions to the community and help others understand why they should be honored this year.

If you would, please provide a way to contact you if there is a question or more information from you is needed to give the person you nominate fair and full consideration.

Thanks for helping honor a deserving individual.

– Wisdon Seeker

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