PPD 2017 Vendors

Pagan Pride Day 2017 – Confirmed Vendors


A Dose of Dahlias
Handcrafted items made with magical intent. Altar and home decor. Custom candles and soaps for the craft.

Author P. B. Owl 
I am the author of 5 books of interest to Pagans or Wiccans, my most recent one was published June 2017.  I sell my own books and other books of interest to the Pagan community at a variety of price points (and have done so for 20 years).  I also feature a small number of jewelry items and/or altar pieces such as candlesticks.

Bewitchen Kitchen, Herbs, and Crafts
We offer a variety of dried herbs, mint starter plants, and various other crafty items. Crafts offered depend on the inspiration of the muses! Currently have a selection of t-shirt bags. Other items may appear as the mood strikes!

Candle and Bath Works
We make everything from shower gel, lotions, and soap bars to candles, seasonal wreaths, scarves, and jewelry.
Everything is made from the heart and with a smile.

Chaotic Beauty
Handmade gifts of polymer clay, wood burning and needlework.

Dawn’s Creations       
I hand make soy candles and car scents. I carry many fragrances such as fruity pebbles, as well as natural scents, floral and more.

Dragon’s Cache
A selection of paintings, some on canvas, canvas board, wooden plaques and boxes, including a series of “elemental dragon” pieces.

Elements of Earth       
Elements of Earth has various items such as healing oils, water sprays, lotions, alter doilies and much more. Many of my items are custom ordered, so if there is something you would like but don’t see, then please contact me by visiting my website at elementsofearth.us. The website may be new but the insight for its products is not. Come on in and sit a spell. Namaste’

One of a kind leather pieces: utility belts/ holsters/festival tails made with vintage fur; handmade wooden runes kits; natural tick repellent oil; organic ceremonial herbal smoking blend; and (possibly, approval pending) Jun: a raw honey based type of kombucha that is brewed with the phases of moon, astrologically correlated, and accompanied by a tarot reading.

India Trunk Sale
New age design ladies clothes and accessories, home decor, and handicraft from India.

Inherent Expressions
Inherent Expressions embodies the artistic soul in its purest form, from Steampunk to Landscapes.  Alexandria has formed an offshoot of JK Whims, following in her mom and Aunt Jen’s footsteps in expressing her innermost artistic self.  Paintings are the primary form of expression; however, other forms such as potions bottles occasionally find their way into existence.

JK Whims     
JK Whims is a joint venture of two sisters, Jennifer and Kim. We do a little of everything and there is no telling what you might find at our table. Currently we do have doTERRA essential oils available along with assorted other items.

Lazuli Leather   
Lazuli Leather returns to offer pagan-centric adornments such as bracelets, cuffs, and collars. Accessories include pouches, key fobs, mug straps and armor. Custom work on the spot ensures that you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Moon Cat Crafts          
Moon Cat Crafts provides a wide range of items from bath bombs, to hand carved wands, to unique jewelry and more.

Otherworld Apothecary
We are traditional witches and cunningmen who create and sell the magical tools we use in our own work. We blend high quality incense, oils, potions and powders for use in spell work and ritual from natural ingredients and traditional recipes. We also provide uncommon botanicals and a selection of magical tools necessary for herbcraft and magic.

S.K.O.’s Bits & Bobs      
Our shop and wares cater to all walks of faith.  We are respectful to all and try to help them find what they need, including artifacts, dream catchers and herbs.

Smoky Mountain Beads & Crystals
Books, candles, crystals, jewelry, smudges and tapestries.

This Crones Cottage   

Too Old Crows  
Too Old Crows offers a selection of wood burned Altar tiles, and decorative items with a Pagan theme. I try to do a wide selection which might include animals, Celtic knot work, dragons, pentacles, Goddesses and Gods.

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