Yule 2020 Vendor Spotlight

Create a spotlight video we can share online!

Greetings Vendors!
Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we will not be able to host a Yule Craft Fair for 2020. Instead, we are hosting a virtual Yule event on December 5th that you may be a part of.

Our Yule event will include Yule History Stories, a workshop, fundraising, and a video spotlight for vendors! This video will be available on the fundraising platform and will also be sharable. While we can’t host you to vend live, we can offer you an online area to showcase goods you have for the 2020 holiday season.

If you would like to participate, we need your submission no later than Sunday, November 22nd, no exceptions.

Create a 2-5 minute video that highlights your business and goods. Be sure to include:

  •  Your business name
  •  Contact information
  •  Location (if applicable)
  •  Shipping policies
  •  An overview of the types of items you sell
  •  Any holiday specials you have
  •  Spotlight any specific items

Keep in mind, items and language should be kept appropriate for the general public (PG) and less than 1gb. No video editing is offered, so your submission should be “good to go.” We do reserve the right to trim or exclude any submissions that exceed 5 minutes or that are deemed inappropriate. You may upload your video and information using the form below:

If you have any questions, please email us:
RE: Online Yule Vendor

Upload your video below: