Pagans in the Park – Lammas

August 4th: Pagans in the Park – Lammas


Longstreet Pavilion – Founder’s Park at Campbell Station 
– Open ritual around 1:30pm
– Socializing and picnic in the grass after
– PPET will have free bottled water on hand

The ritual will begin at 1pm and is being run by Steven. All are welcome to participate (the ritual is scripted) or you are welcome to just watch. Both ritual garb and street clothing is welcome.
Come celebrate the season with us and meet other pagans in the area!

Children and pets are welcome, but please remember that they are your responsibility and must be supervised at all times. 

PPET’s Pagans in the Park gatherings are open, public, gatherings hosted by Pagan Pride of Easth TN. These rituals are designed for solitary practitioners who wish to connect with others, individuals not associated with any specific group/path, or for those who are just curious or new to Paganism. The hope is to bring more visibility and understanding to the Pagan Community in general, while also allowing individuals to connect with one another spiritually.