TradShare 2016


Tradshare 2016_Square

March 19th | 11am – 7pm

  • Group Tables
  • Workshops & Presentations
  • Open Ritual
  • Dinner
  • & More!

Free Event – All Are Welcome!

Westside Unitartian Universality Church
616 Fretz Rd. | Knoxville, Tn 37934


 Room 1  Room 2
12:00 PM  Nina Lee Braden: Tarot and Ritual  Star Gazer
1:00 PM  Julia Stearns-Smith: The Starry Crown  Johanna: Powders
2:00 PM                                                     Announcements and Raffle
3:00 PM  Steve King: Incense  Wynne Thomas Carluk: Four Functions of Tarot (pt.1)
4:00 PM  Matt Flowers  Wynne Thomas Carluk: Four Functions of Tarot (pt.2)

Nina Lee Braden: Tarot and Ritual: Experienced in both ritual and Tarot, Nina Lee Braden (Luci) will share some tips on invigorating rituals with the use of Tarot. A hands-on exercise will be included.

Julia Stearns-Smith: The Starry Crown: The Starry Crown, which is a tool in personal sovereignty work. Personal sovereignty is essential in everything from witchcraft to running a Fortune 500 company. This tool can be used to harness personal power and develop ones purpose in this life.

Johanna: Casting Powders: Using powders in magic

Wynne Thomas Carluk: Four Functions of Tarot: Of the four functions of the Sacred Tarot, only two of them are Divinatory and the other two are Sciences as credible and valid as Algebra, and when those other two functions of the tarot are realized and understood, the accuracy of the Divinatory function of Tarot becomes 100% one hundred percent of the time.

Sponsored by: Pagan Pride of East Tennessee